torstai 9. syyskuuta 2010

Ingo Giezendanner: Baku & Back

Baku & Back
Ingo Giezendanner (Zurich, Switzerland)

"This summer, inspired by a cultural exchange program with the Caucasus, I travelled by land from Zurich to Baku and back. My objective was to document the journey with pen on paper. Though the culture exchange eventually did fail, the experience was intoxicating to my pen and I. The drawings capture the gradual change of scenes from Switzerland through the former Yugoslavian states, Bulgaria, Turkey and Georgia before finally arriving in Azerbaijan (to travel back again just see the book backwards). This is my statement to go out, see the world and avoid airplanes. Take your time and enjoy the view on your train ride."

Ingo Giezendanner alias GRRRR, December '09

Since 1998 Ingo Giezendanner documents his surroundings with pen on paper. He produces zines, murals, books, exhibitions, video clips and maintains a website ( to create his own world.

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