maanantai 8. maaliskuuta 2010

Heidrun Holzfeind: Mexico 68/CU

The two-volume book combines two closely related art projects by Heidrun Holzfeind:

Mexico 68 investigates the impact of the ’68 student movement on Mexican society, politics and culture in general, and on the lives of the participants in particular. Conducted almost forty years after the fact, the 18 interviews with activists offer a diverse range of personal accounts, political and social analysis as well as reflections on the events that took place during that mythic year.

CU, Mexico City, August 2006 is a personal portrait of “Ciudad Universitaria”, the National University’s Mexico City campus. The carefully composed shots of exterior and interior views, architectural details, and eerily unpopulated hallways, class rooms and walkways highlight Holzfeind’s interest in aging modernist structures, the conceptualization of the campus as a modern “city” and the use of functionality in the Mexican modernization project.

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