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Ghanavision / Hand-painted movie posters from Ghana
Since the 1980's Ghana has found a home for moving pictures within moving cinemas. The African cities, towns and villages are the backdrops to these traveling productions, which include a TV, a VCR, an electric generator and a truck to take them there. The success of these movies are greatly influenced by the grandeur of their posters. These advertisements entice you by their portrayals of monsters, superheros, half naked women, gore and violence. You will find high action Hollywood productions, Kung Fu movies out of Hong Kong, as well as local debuts from African filmmakers. The numerous poster artists, at times, have to naively create fantasy spaces from seeing only a few film stills. They are painted on used flour sacks, usually two stitched together.

Laurent Impeduglia: Bora Bora
Laurent Impeduglia (Belgium, 1974) is left-handed and was born on a Friday 13th, just after midnight. Living in Liège, and is a painter. His contemporary paintings are narrative, popular, symbolic and will always include humor and spirituality. On a dirtied white background, alchimic and theological references are juxtaposed with B movie monsters and super heros.

Published by Bongout

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