keskiviikko 18. maaliskuuta 2009

New books from Nieves

Here & There # 8
An independent art magazine by author Nakako Hayashi and art director Kazunari Hattori. The new Here and There 8# is the "Loneliness issue", and features photos by Takashi Homma, texts by Miranda July and Mike Mills to name a few. The previous issues can be also found at Napa.
Chris Johanson / Jo Jackson: Peaceable Kingdom
Peaceable Kingdom is the first book of collaborative work by the two American artists Chris Johanson (1968, San Jose) and Jo Jackson (1972, Springfield), partners in life and art. All paintings feature a mix and match of both artists' styles, from Johanson's political, social themes and color patterns, to the oneiric, provocative and ambiguous side of human identity represented by Jackson's softer tones.
Holly Stevenson: Mexican Love Story
Holly Stevenson (1978) is one of New York City young and upcoming illustrators, her work blend pure simple drawings with highly refined and subtle taste. She is inspired from the little things in her everyday life like old photographs and books, and for Mexican Love Story she wanted to share with the viewers her fascination for Mexican culture and their festive approach to death as well as to life.

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